About MultiVision

100% Lineair Broadcasting

MultiVision is a barrio or themecamp, with a passion for music,
arts and creating new worlds.

We are active since 2019, you can find us at two regional burns,
Nowhere in Spain and we also have
a little presence Where The Sheep Sleep in The Netherlands
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What to expect at Barrio MultiVision

All this funky madness got you interested in joining? Hooray! It might be good to know what we’ll expect of you?
As per the decree of Nowhere, thou shalt participate!
We as a barrio will create this experience together.

Joining hands in this really makes your barrio experience complete and will strengthen the bonds you build with your fellow barrio members.


We will have a schedule of all the different tasks that need to be done per day, on which you can register as a volunteer in advance.

This can be helping out in the kitchen, or turning the party from behind the bar.

The morning after: Making sure the trash is separated as per LNT and taking it in with the cart to Warzone (usually a very fun activity to do with some buddies, especially when you’re slightly less sober).

Build & Strike!

We want to make sure we have a designated group of people that are motivated to help with the build and strike of all of our constructions.

We will have a clear plan and instructions ready.


We are inclusive and would like anyone and everyone to feel very welcome in our group, this means all genders, all races, all ages, all levels of burn experience, all levels of openness in sexuality etc.

You are free and welcome to come as you are and expect respect from everyone of your fellow barrio members.

What we do not do however, is constantly promote or police certain behaviors, attitudes or opinions. We trust that everyone in this barrio will be able to get along, joke with each other, whilst staying kind and respectful.

All the other questions and answers

As a barrio we take care of


We arrange water, per cubic meter in an IBC container. This water is used for washing, showers & in the kitchen. And we arrange (cold) drinking water.

We have 2 showers, so everyone can clean themselves every day. Experience shows that taking a cold shower at 40 degrees in the desert is an incredibly pleasant experience ... so this may not seem like a luxury in advance ... but this is uber luxury.

We deliver 3 meals a day with our kitchen team. Because you need a lot of energy in the desert to function properly, these are sophisticated power meals.

These will be plant based meals (so yeah we cook vegan), which is idealistic but also practical because everyone can join the meal. But carnivores fear not! We have more than excellent meals! There will also be snacks and it is taken into account that if you have missed a meal you can still eat.

We can take food allergies into account, but it is important that we know as soon as possible.

We will bring a fully equipped kitchen, with refrigerators and freezers. Everyone will have to perform a number of tasks during the week, and many people will work in the kitchen as a result. The kitchen will be a largely self-running system, with the kitchen leads primarily serving as a source of information.

We take care of all your drinks, as mentioned before, the drinking water. In the morning coffee, tea and, if desired, plant-based milk. We will also provide ice-cold drinks, soft drinks, beer, wine, non-alcoholic beer and the occasional cocktail.

We have a number of shade structures to cover our chill out, bar, diner and dance areas. The dancefloor will be mainly covered with a Camel Manufacturing Solar Shade System. An additional advantage of this shade system is that we can project on it with overhead projectors, liquid slides and other psychedelic effects.

Our sleepcamp will be situated in the camping area in the red zone. This area is located at the edge of Nowhere which will make sure we’re not in too much of a chaotic soundscape situation. It’s not a quiet area, so we do recommend bringing earplugs. You are also always free to camp in the quiet area, but it is of course cozier in our sleeping camp.

We will do our best to provide a common area where we can set up camp together. For the people coming in later, we can’t guarantee this completely, since everyone is free to set up camp where they want.

At Nowhere, electricity is generated by a number of large barrios with large aggregates. As in 2019 & 2022, we have made a request whether we can purchase a number of groups there for the kitchen equipment and the sound. Because we greatly appreciate our light freaks and their projections, we use smaller generators at night to ensure that electricity does not hinder our creative excess.
At what price? Some Dirty Cash Talk!

No it’s not free, as to be expected right? For participating in this barrio we will charge 250
for the whole week.
If that is a lot for your budget to pay it in one go, it is possible to pay in parts..
We have some low income spots for people who make a special contribution and are struggling to pay the fee, but this is limited!
To be clear.
This is all inclusive, cold drinks, shower, snacks 3 meals a day, electricity shade..the whole shabang.
In addition to the costs for food and drinks, we also have expenses for the transport of items from the Netherlands to Spain, the storage of the containers, generator costs and the purchase of items.

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